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NZHS Technical Workshop

Keynote Speakers

Amber S. Jones (USGS)

Session #1 Title: Automating Time Series Data Processing at the USGS: Current Approaches and Vision for the Future.

Session #2 Title: Advancements in Automating Aquatic Time Series QAQC: Research and Applications.

Amber is an expert on continuous data workflows for the USGS. Her work focuses on streamlining records processing, automated data screening, and data monitoring applications. Amber’s background is in watershed hydrology, surface water quality, data science and machine learning, and hydroinformatics. Amber recently completed a PhD focused on data science applications for water including anomaly detection for aquatic sensor data, water data science instruction, and current developments in hydrologic information systems. Amber's degrees are in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Utah State University. Prior to working at the USGS, she was a research engineer at the Utah Water Research Lab. She has also worked as an environmental scientist and as a river guide. She is located in Logan, UT.​ 

Jono is a Hydrological Forecasting Scientist at NIWA specialising in snow, mountain climate and flooding. He leads the curation of snow data from NIWA’s Snow and Ice Network as well leading a new MBIE Endeavour Smart Ideas funded project to develop and national scale snowmelt forecast.

Keynote Speaker: Jono Conway (NIWA)

Session Title: Progress towards quantifying New Zealand’s seasonal snow.

Rob is a Principal Scientist (Water Quality) at NIWA-Hamilton.  He has worked for NIWA and its predecessors (DSIR; MWD Water & Soil) for 47 years, broadly in water quality and related fields (e.g., riparian management, river suspended sediment). He has published 140 journal articles on diverse waters ranging from wastewater ponds to the deep ocean.  His research specialities include optical water quality and the behaviour of light in waters, microbial water quality, water quality monitoring and QA, and stream shading.  Recent work has focussed on ‘sediment-related water quality’ including swimming suitability of rivers and receiving waters.  Retirement looms for Rob – who hopes to exchange computer work for (more) kayak and cycle touring, snorkelling, and tramping later this year.

Keynote Speaker: Rob Davies-Colley (NIWA)

Session Title: Mutual benefits from integrating river sediment and water quality monitoring.

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